About the Artist

Mary Patrick Lamb grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana surrounded by friends and family that were supportive of her artistic interests. At a young age she began a variety of activities that required skilled handwork. As her talents surpassed everyone’s expectations, Mary started her own business at age sixteen. Her jewelry was first promoted locally in her hometown, and since then has spread throughout the United States. Now in such high demand, Mary’s one of a kind pieces are like no other. When Mary is asked what her biggest challenge has been, her response was that running a business full time and finishing college (at the University of Lafayette Louisiana) has been the most difficult. With huge support from friends and family, Mary has the mentality that anything is possible. She dreams big and creates even bigger, always striving to learn and grow. Others have recognized Mary’s work ethic and determination as “like no other”. She is a strong example that with hard work and determination, dreams do come true.