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Ways to Wear Your Wrap Bracelet

You don't have to limit yourself to wrapping them around your wrist although that's a great start. Many styles will also work as belts or anklets giving you a relatively cheap way to update your outfit.  With a snug fit, you also avoid being annoyed by dangling parts while you're trying to work.

Fun additional ways you can try wearing your wrap bracelet:

  1. As an Anklet
  2. As A Headband
  3. As a Belt
  4. As a Decoration for your Boot 
Gold Vs. Silver

I get asked a lot, what do you prefer “Gold or Silver”… As a personal preference, I prefer gold, but I like to mix it up.  I love silver and gold together because you can wear both your silver and gold jewelry with it. I am all about making the most out of your jewelry box or closet. Having both metals in one piece opens the doors for creativity and is resourceful in the multiple combinations you can pair together.  I’ll be incorporating both in my next designs.  

The Yvonne Ring

Amongst the various wrap bracelets, you may have noticed a new gem in the mix, “The Yvonne Ring”.  I thought I would briefly mention how it came to be.  I was working on a big order late one night with a friend, when she asked me if I only wanted to design + make wrap bracelets. I answered her with out even thinking,  “No, I want to design fine jewelry of all kinds one day.” After saying it out loud, it hit me immediately. What am I waiting for? Why can’t I start now? 

The next day, I began sketching ideas down on paper. I wanted to create a piece that would be popular amongst a lot of people a simple yet elegant piece with a touch of color. I finally decided on an “everyday” ring.  As I sketched, I thought about the leap of faith it took to start my business and the idea of the cross sort of appeared in my sketches. It wasn’t soon after I had a finished sketch and off it went to production. It finished just last week and now it is finally here! Have a look!

Awaking the Dreamer

As a child I was always drawn in by artisanship that required skilled handwork. In elementary school, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to find me knitting or crocheting a hat or a scarf for various friends and family. It was the process of it, the way everything came together so carefully to form one beautiful, unique, handcrafted thing made with my own two hands. It captured and focused me. 

Jumping forward some... My first attempt at jewelry was a wrap bracelet.  I bought everything at the local arts and craft store, sat down and just did it. As I put it together, I couldn’t help but think of ways to make it better. The leather was too hard to manipulate. The method of wrapping the wire would sometimes poke my wrist. I began trying new materials and methods until what I wore not only looked good, but also was comfortable.

I sold my first bracelets at my grandmother’s store. They sold like hot cakes and were gone in a matter of days.  From that moment on, I realized that what I loved to do was not only a dream, but also a passion I could pursue for the rest of my life.

To this day, I hand pick and cut every deer hide, while constantly searching for the right gemstones. I will be attending my first jewelry show in February of this year in Tucson, AZ. I can’t wait! I have grown so much so fast and I am very grateful.